Daily Archives: January 4, 2012

Conquering Fear


This blog’s been a long time coming.

From the first time I clicked submit all those years ago on that first tiny bloglet, *this* is the blog I longed to write.

These are the articles I wanted to post.

These are the words I’ve desperately tried to say.

And I’m writing under a pseudonym. Go figure.

(Baby steps, woman. Baby steps.)

I am a Christian and I’ve been living in hell for the last 32 years. There is no twelve step program for that.

You see, I did something wildly radical for a sweet little woman like me– I walked out. And now I intend to regale you with all the details. I’m no theologian. I refuse to argue bible verses. But under the cover of my thin little disguise, I intend to tell the truth.

What its like to live in a model Christian home with a son of the devil.

And what it takes to be finally free.