Daily Archives: January 17, 2012

Recommended: Abuse 101 from A Cry for Justice


Excellent article over at A Cry for Justice titled,” Abuse 101- The Mentality and Tactics of Abuse.” I’d love to just quote the whole thing but check out these gems, then go read every single word on their website. Seriously, Pastor Pippen and Ms. Woods do such a wonderful job defining domestic abuse its like water in the desert. Someone in ministry finally gets it.

Abuse is fundamentally a mentality of entitlement and superiority which uses many different tactics to obtain and enforce the power and control the abuser deems himself entitled to. The abuser judges himself to be absolutely justified in using whatever tactics are necessary to ensure this power and control over his victim.

and another…

The abuser is the center of his universe. He views his victims as objects owned by him to serve him. A person with no empathy nor conscience obviously will objectify others – make them into a kind of non-human – and this makes it easier for him to use and abuse them. Because his worldview is one of entitlement and superiority, he minimizes, excuses, and blames others for the wicked things he says and does to his victim. After all, in his evaluation of the thing, he is absolutely justified in doing “what a man has to do” to keep his property in line.

To be understood? Makes me want to cry. Thank you both, so very much.