Recommended: Susan Powell’s Family Reacts to Husband’s Double Murder, Suicide


I can barely read about the recent double murder/suicide involving Susan Powell’s husband and her two sons. A couple of statements caught my eye in a Fox News article from this morning:

Susan Powell’s brother-in-law, Kirk Graves, spoke out after yesterday’s tragedy saying he thinks Powell was afraid of taking the polygraph. He also said, “I think he saw an opportunity to hurt a whole lot of people at the time that he ended it for himself, so he took the boys with him.”

and this (emphasis added):

Later on America’s Newsroom, Kiirsi Hellewell, a friend of Susan Powell’s reacted to the news. She revealed that she has believed that Josh Powell killed Susan for quite a while now, and hypothesized that it may have been because he felt as though he were losing control and that Susan was gaining too much independence. Hellewell said, “She told me in the past that when they would have arguments, and fights about things and talk about divorce, he would say things like ‘You’re not getting the kids unless it is over my dead body.’”

Threats are not idle. Threats are threatening. They are made for a reason.

When the abuser loses control, he just might pull the nuclear option.  In his mind, he wins, gets in the last word and hurts a whole lot of people in the process.

If you’re being threatened, please, please, please listen to what’s being said, document the threats by writing  them down somewhere and date the notation. Take it seriously.

Never make the mistake of thinking a controlling, abusive man ‘can’t possibly mean’ what he chooses to say with his own mouth.



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  1. Thank you for these great thoughts! I blog a lot about domestic violence, particularly in the context of pathological personalities. Power and control is at the root of abuse and I believe it’s at the root of these murders too,

    Please feel free to refer everyone to to learn about the importance of documenting abuse, especially in case the suspect pulls, as you put it, the nuclear option.

    Here are some websites relevant to the Powell case:!/pages/The-Susan-Cox-Powell-Foundation/235316293180751?sk=wall&filter=1

  2. I was horrified, as well, at the news of this cowardice act. I wept at the loss of these precious innocent, boys’ lives.

    Many domestic abuse sites and facebook pages have had tons to say about it… the very real and present danger that these sick, sociopaths live out in their distorted reality.

    Awareness is beginning…but what a terrible price to pay for the top story in the news cycle.

    • “…the very real and present danger that these sick, sociopaths live out in their distorted reality.”

      Exactly. They do not play by the rules, they do not see things the way ethical people do, they refuse to acknowledge any authority or honor any boundaries other than their own selfish, self centered cravings. Until the Normals wake up and learn to identify these beasts living right in the big middle of our homes, schools and communities, we’ll continue to see these stories right and left.

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