Quiet Days and Watercolor Pictures



Found a simple book on watercolor technique. When I can’t write, I immerse in the colors.

Watercolor does this thing that’s both annoying and beautiful. It refuses to stay put. Touching wet color to another area of wetness gives you that mottled effect. That use to bug me something fierce. My artsy friends told me to switch to acrylics.

Don’t know– seems like a metaphor for life.  Something about watching the red and yellows blend and merge, knowing I have little control over the outcome isn’t so bad. There’s rules. Don’t mix too many colors or you get a muddy mess. Let certain areas dry completely. Touch the brush to areas of wet pigment where you want the surprise of mingling, then trust the process.

I can’t control everything but I can study the properties of pigments and water and the outcome can be beautiful regardless. I’m okay with that.

Thinking of all of you and praying for those going through the fire right now.


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  1. That is so funny that you bring that up about water colors. I used to feel that same way. No control over where the colors really went! Used to drive me nuts how they would blend together. I hadn’t ever thought about how it really does relate to life and the fact that we can’t control everything. I love it when you type “the outcome can be beautiful regardless. I’m ok with that.” Sounds so peaceful…

  2. I’ve been painting now for about a year and I can’t tell you how long I fought the process. I’ve got a whole portfolio of clouds– *clouds*. Stupid, dumb, messy-looking clouds. How hard is it to paint clouds? One of my artsy friends would roll his eyes when I complained and say, ‘that’s what watercolors, *do* Ida.’


    So I skipped the clouds and painted another portfolio full of ugly sunsets 🙂

    I’m learning. The process is peaceful when I learn to let go a little.

  3. Oh my, I am so impressed. I draw stick figures. Your fishie is beautiful.

    I remember a teacher once told us that if we mix all the colors together you will get the color black. How appropriate is it that – now you have distance from the one who drained you of color, you are painting the most glorious things.

    Keep it up, lady. I think a few museums might like to frame some of your stuff. At least you can start painting the chapter illustrations for that book!

    • I found this really cool book that does plenty of handholding but the real difference was switching to the thicker paper and a better quality of paints. When i was young, I use to draw quite a bit but that stopped soon after the wedding. For years I did nothing but lollipop trees and stick men all across the top of the church bulletin.

      Drawing’s always been troublesome. I can’t discern all those shades of gray so my sketches were flat and lifeless. Since starting back, I dropped the graphite. I found working in color easier than trying to get the tones in black and white. Had to quit trying to make sense of someone else’s game and switch realities 🙂

  4. Love you , Ida Mae! I feel so much empathy & can so relate to you. I’ve been praying for you since the drive by… Please keep writing (& painting)!

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