Daily Archives: March 2, 2012

Quick Update


I’m fine. Thank you to those who’ve checked in via email.

A number of things happened this week, all way too personal to write about. I plan to digest and write later, changing details as necessary. This writing anonymously business has its limitations.

One thing common to those of us on this path– job hunting. Last time I held a job outside the home, there were *no* computers. Or cell phones or pagers for that matter. I’m banking they’ll see this lovely gray hair and assume I’m way experienced.

My first interview went just dandy. When the CEO asked what I’d been doing for the last twenty five years I stood right there flatfooted and said, “I baked lots of cookies.”


In my defense, it was late, I’d already talked to several people who kept asking questions I could not answer, things had gone from tense to who-the-heck-cares? And besides, he was holding my resume. All twenty five years summed up on one tiny sheet of paper. I was toast.

I’m hoping he’ll find that charming and hire me anyway.

If you want a giggle, head over the Jeff Crippen’s blog, A Cry For Justice, and read his commentary on John MacArther’s view on domestic violence. Oh my. . .