Daily Archives: April 10, 2012

Boring Update of Boring-ness


Just wanted to thank everyone who’s checking in. Lots of things going on, most of which I cannot emote upon. Writing anonymously has its limitations.

Got a new book in the mail from Cindy Burrell, God is my Witness and spent a couple of days giving it the once over. Love her writing and love the way she looks to God’s heart in all things. I’m hoping to give a better review here in a day or so.

Spent much time putting in job applications. Call me old and cranky but I do not like this new method of shooting off an email to some nameless nobody and praying for a call. Put me in an interview and generally, I’m fine. But you- got- to- get- to- the- interview. One look at my resume and I’m toast. Something about a twenty year gap in work history might be just a tad off-putting to the kiddies who don’t know any better.

Anyhow, life moves on, kids grow up, I am thankful.