Boring Update of Boring-ness


Just wanted to thank everyone who’s checking in. Lots of things going on, most of which I cannot emote upon. Writing anonymously has its limitations.

Got a new book in the mail from Cindy Burrell, God is my Witness and spent a couple of days giving it the once over. Love her writing and love the way she looks to God’s heart in all things. I’m hoping to give a better review here in a day or so.

Spent much time putting in job applications. Call me old and cranky but I do not like this new method of shooting off an email to some nameless nobody and praying for a call. Put me in an interview and generally, I’m fine. But you- got- to- get- to- the- interview. One look at my resume and I’m toast. Something about a twenty year gap in work history might be just a tad off-putting to the kiddies who don’t know any better.

Anyhow, life moves on, kids grow up, I am thankful.




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  1. Ah yes, the job search. You ought to try it after spending decades as a pastor. Maybe I could be a Wal-Mart greeter, but I don’t even go greet on Sundays at the back of the church sanctuary. Never did like that ceremony. I think you should think about a career in the burgeoning Christian comedy industry. We like your humor.

    • This sending the resume off into cyber-space is bad on the ol’ self esteem. I would be happy to do a nice little stand up in exchange for an interview but so far, no bites (with the exception of the cookie-baking interview, from which, i did not receive a call-back. Shocking, I know).

      I have no doubt the right opportunity will come along at the right time and the Lord will provide. He always does. I’m just feeling a little whiny this week and if I keep comforting myself with chocolates, I’ll be needing a new interview-worthy wardrobe.

      (Stupid chocolate rabbits. . .)

  2. That llama looks suspiciously like an alpaca. I had a few dozen alpacas in the two pieces of property next to mine a few years ago and hope to have some of my own one day.

    All the best to you in finding work. I was in that position myself in 2004, having not been in the paid workforce for about 14 years. I took a medical transcription course from home, though, and my past made zero difference as I got more work offers than I could handle.

  3. You guys are pretty dadgum funny yourselves, har, har.

    (Better not say ‘never’– the good Lord seems to take me up on that challenge on a regular and continuous basis 🙂 )

  4. Try doing some Google searches for resumes with gap in work history, or for resumes after staying at home or something like that. I know there are ways to fashion them so the gap isn’t glaring.
    Also, & have very helpful articles about the whole job search process, from resumes to job offers.
    And don’t get too discouraged–the economy really stinks right now, so it’s not you!

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