Day 2: Happy Place is Loud


Woke early this morning to joyous quiet which lasted all of twenty-eight minutes before jack hammers started up outside my bedroom window.

Yes indeedy. Jack hammers. I went outside in pj’s for visual verification purposes.

Jack hammering lasted until 2:32 at which time Loud Blowing Noises Made With Unknown Tool Thingies began. LBN’s lasted until five minutes ago.

Much hand waving and lip reading combined with trots back and forth to the front door yielded the following information:

  • A major gas line in the neighborhood is leaking
  • This is not a problem and there is no need to panic
  • Oops
  • The leak is bigger than we thought initially and many more holes must be jack hammered into the concrete right-this-minute
  • No problem, no need for concern
  • Just for funsies we’re turning off your gas. Not because there is a problem or anything.
  • The other guys were suppose to fix this yesterday.
  • We are calling in bigger trucks and more equipment so this might take a teensie bit longer than first mentioned
  • Everything is under control
  • The gas company now needs to inspect the premises. Just for grins as there isn’t any real problem
  • Have you been burning that candle all day? No reason for asking as there is no danger to you or any other citizen within a three block radius
  • Really

On another note,  the tiny bathroom is currently full of plumber. Nothing inside said bathroom works. Not the sink, nor the potty, nor the awesome tub which is my nightly quiet place. The sound of Great Progress goes forth and we are hopeful for a successful outcome.

Mr. Plumber is very nice and keeps telling me how the Lord has blessed him, including a recent successful back surgery which has given him his livelihood back. I like Mr. Plumber very much.

In Summary

No painting, no music, no napping. Only jackhammers, job site foreman on the porch and plumbers who love Jesus. Not a bad day overall.

Did I mention we only have one bathroom?

There is no need to panic.




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  1. No one, and I repeat, no one, makes me laugh like you do when I read your amazing humor in situations most people would be committing hari kari in!! We have to trust God has a reason for all of this, and that the peace comes soon. Is there a nice park or water area you can drive to for the day? My back garden is quiet tonight, just birds and the occasional bark from the neighbor dog. Wish you could come over but I’ll send you some warm hugs instead.

    • Although things were loud and plenty annoying at times, it wasn’t so bad over all.

      Maybe the conscious decision to *not* dwell on personal stuff I can’t do anything about anyhow made a difference? The clearcut notion, ‘I won’t fret over this for two weeks,’ seems to be setting some boundaries on my own person and (hopefully) giving the subconscious time to put things in order.

      That’s today’s theory anyway~

  2. The plumber just ran out for supplies and we all made a run on the toilet. It does not work yet– slight oversight on our part. We are pretending that it did and ignoring the obvious until he returns.

    Updates to follow.

  3. What a delightful day. I can picture the whole thing. At least your sense of humor didn’t suffer for it, and we get to share in the experience. I’m sorry; I probably enjoyed this more than I should have!

  4. Oh, don’t you love it when they say, “No need to worry.” Yeah, right! When it involves gas, and leaks, um, yeah, I’m gonna worry!

    You are having such a great attitude and sense of humor about all this. Certainly there is a lesson in here somewhere? (Right, God?)

    • This foreman was the King of Kool. Big smile, slicked-back hair, nice dismissive shoulder shrugs. But I was peeking out the window and I *saw* that man running to my porch and rearranging himself before knocking.

      No sirree, I am not paranoid one bit.

    • Ha! Glad to oblige 🙂

      Its funny Barbara, but it seemed to be *ordered* chaos, if that makes any sense.

      I think the foreman got more shook up than I did, tell the truth

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  6. Oh my goodness… just catching up on emails and updates and posts and you made my whole day, correction…
    probably my whole WEEKEND! So stinkin’ funny!! (pardon the pun!) 🙂

    I love you Ida Mae!

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