Daily Archives: May 25, 2012

Day 3: Ida Gets a Little Retail Therapy


Day Three started off quiet. Too quiet.

As soon as I noticed the quietness, I sprang out of  bed and scanned the street for city employees of any variety. Seeing as the coast was clear, I made the usual morning trek around the stations of the cottage– potty (now fully functional, thank you Mr. Plumber), coffee pot, laptop.

Then I painted this:

This is called, blank paper.

For us artist types, there’s an annoying little ritual before getting along to the fun parts.  One tapes a perfectly good sheet of paper to a board, then slops water all over. It now becomes rumpled and crinkly.  This is called ‘stretching’ but it’s a lie as the paper is not stretched, its just lumpy. Once dry, its called ‘done.’

It’s also boring and slows down the creative juices but I do it anyway because all the cool kids do  and artsy types always ask, ‘Did you stretch the paper first?’ So I do so I can say yes.

Then I painted this:

This is called, scrap paper with some swishes, but I promised pictures so there you go.

Then I painted this:

This is called, Ugly, but I was getting bored by this time. An executive decision was made and off we went to God’s Store for a little within-my-budget retail therapy.

And I got this:


This is called, Loot.

Let’s all pause now to contemplate the total awesomeness of this haul.

Top left corner: The most amazing vintage purse I’ve ever laid eyes on anywhere, in this solar system  or the next. Genuine ’50’s era, Atomic Awesome. Lucite handles *and* front piece, genuine chrome thingies and pristine interior. I’m going to be buried with this baby. $6.99

Top right corner: Tie-dyed maxi skirt *in my size* in the most wonderful shades of purple $5.99

Lower right corner: A hammered aluminum water carafe with Bakelite handle. Perfect condition. $2.99

Lower left corner: My new watercolor palette (not to be confused with a deviled-egg plate which it may have been in a former life and probably explains why it wound up at God’s Store in the first place. Now repurposed for a life of art and such.) $6.99

Underneath these four lovelies, nestled amongst the packing sits *more* loot– vintage jewelry including scatter pins and an old 1940’s sweater grabber/holder thing that looks like two roach clips attached by a chain  (no fair asking how I know such naughty stuff), a set of pillow shams in a lovely gold vintage print, a cool vase for cut flowers and so forth and so on.

I’ll spare the details as I’d hate to cause anyone to stumble into the Pit of Envy.

Meanwhile, Back at the Kleenex Box

Yesterday saw lots of things repaired that needed repairing whether I wanted to hear the clatter or not. Today was quiet and I didn’t know what in the world to do with myself. In the spirit of total disclosure– and for those reading along who might be going through something similar either now or in the future–here’s the fine print.

Overall, things are good. Feeling a little  jumpy/stressed/weepy still. I’m guessing those are just symptoms working their way through. I let myself cry for an hour on the sofa and didn’t try to figure out the reason. Had a little trouble sitting still which explains the trip out and the inability to get going on a watercolor project. I suspect soon enough things will settle and then I may not feel like doing a blasted thing.

Goodness, I sure hope so.

In the meantime, I’m going to go play with my loot.