Daily Archives: June 25, 2012

Ida Mae’s Facebook


Ida Mae now has her own Facebook identity. Over on the side bar toward the bottom you’ll see a button. Liking this will send you to my Facebook author page. If I ever find a cuter button, I’ll move it to the top.

For some time, I’ve chaffed at the restrictions of blogging under an assumed name while making real world friends. I also want to promote others who are actively involved in the battle against this insanity concerning the abuse of women and children, particularly in the religious world. This seems like a decent solution.

To do this I had to make a personal Ida Mae page *and* an author page. I probably did it wrong as they are both called Ida Mae and seriously, I’m confused. Here is a link to my personal Ida Mae page.

Friend me and I’ll friend you back. The site is secure. Please like the author page and feel free to promote it if you want.