processing anger at ‘pastor’ dad


Morven has an interesting post over on her blog this morning. As there are a few PK  friends lurking out there, I thought you might relate.

My own father was more passive but I can sure see how this could happen.

processing anger at ‘pastor’ dad.


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  1. Well Ida Mae, you have succeeded at getting me to react! I’ve never read any of the published writings from the authors that are mentioned in Morven’s blog this morning and probably never will. I hope it was a healing process for them to use their talent of writing to “grieve” and “heal”…… I hope and pray, this to, will be the case for a “SPECIAL” Preachers daughter lurking out there.

    For me, a Protestant Ministers daughter, the best sunsets come after the storm and I believe I have cleared the wreckage of the past. 🙂

    Now if I may:: Morven had an interesting post of on her blog June 25th, “Why should you go to Church?”……jus wanted to throw this one out for some of my PK friends! 🙂

    Think about ya everyday!!!!

    • Well, PK writers write (in this case ghost stories), PK painters paint (in this case, fish and pretty flowers) and PK farmers farm stuff 🙂

      And at this point, I have no idea what we’re talking about any more, lol.

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