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Dear Reader. . . Future Plans and a Great Big Thank You


Thank you thank you thank you to all the wonderful friends who visit here and read this tattered old blog. The updates stopped around the time my anonymity failed but somehow, folks still stop by and dig out old articles and leave nice comments.

I’m doing well today– a great job that I love, friends, family, and a wonderful grandbaby. My children grow and struggle, fight and learn just the way I did. Translate that, they feel the effects from years of abuse and fight their own battle to overcome.

I am *so* proud of them.

For those who currently sit hip-deep in the fog of abuse trying like thunder to catch a branch floating by, take courage. God is good. He heals and provides. Some of us are out and moving beyond the stench of those years of pain. This Fall will be seven years out, four years post divorce. It’s taken all those years to unlearn the mind games and false teaching but every day gets better. But it did not take seven years to start living again and it won’t take long for you either.

Future Plans

  1. It’s time to  write that book. Resolution finally arrived so the timing feels right. The current plan involves taking the articles here, reformatting into a more linear and logical timeline, then adding the personal story left out before. Some type of digital download seems most likely. Everyday, more women wake up and want out. I’d like the story of my testimony of grace all in one place– nice, clean and finished in a format that’s easy to share with those in need.
  2. On that same note, I’m set to start blogging again. No idea where or what that looks like. Articles could be added here and off we go! Or perhaps a total reboot would work best.
  3. I’d like to share victory with you. What does it look like to overcome? Where to and what next? I’d love to provide a place for others to share their stories and explore what it means to live fully again. That means lifestyle articles, art, work, fashion, and budgeting but always from the viewpoint of women starting over after abuse and divorce. What does it look like to discover at 50 that you love modern art? Why you may never cook another meal and what you’ll do instead. Parenting tips for the woman dealing with a psychopathic co-parent. You know, daily life of the righteous.
  4. On that note–if you are interesting in participating, please contact me via email and let’s discuss. If you would like to write an article, share your story, link to your blog, or all of the above, please send an email. Share your thoughts and let’s make this fly.